Youth Mentoring


The Sullivan Academy is a public charity which has provided mentoring programs to address the holistic needs of New Haven public school students for nearly five years, resulting in significant improvements in academic achievement, school attendance and behavior.   Tyrese Sullivan, President, is a college graduate who is a product of the New Haven public school system and has dedicated himself to giving back to the City of New Haven..

R.E.A.D.Y. program.  The program matches well-trained mentors with highly at-risk students between the ages of 14 - 18 to enhance their academic achievement through holistic support. 

Our program is unique in that it has a dual purpose: to provide mentors to middle school and high school students; and train young college-educated men and women to work with youth as they prepare for employment in the public service sector of the workforce. 

Our current board of director members is below. Our board will grow as our program becomes larger. We will add members annually.


Tyrese Sullivan-President

Aaron Johnson-Treasurer

Ebone Phillips-Secretary

Kaseem Johnson- Director

Eric Jones- Officer

Kyle Jones- Officer

Steven Roberts-Community Liaison