Frequently Asked Question

1. When does  Camp start?
Camp starts Monday July 5th to August 6th 2021. Doors open at 8:30am

2. What are the hours of operation?
Camp hours are 8:30am- 2:30pm Monday through Friday

3. How much does camp cost?
 Camp is currently free.

4. Can I pay online?
Yes, we accept payments through PayPal with any major credit cards.

5. Will breakfast and lunch be served?
Yes, breakfast will be served free of charge during Summer Camp.

6. Will there be med certified staff to help assidt children that have to take medicine?
There WILL NOT be any staff present to help administer any medications. Child must be able to self-administer.

7. Does my child have to attend all weeks?
No, your child does not have to attend all five days of camp. If your child misses 3 consecutive days unexcused, your child will lose his/her spot in camp.

8. Is the camp fee weekly? 
No, there aren't any weekly payments anymore.

9. Can I write a check or Money order?
Yes, Checks and Money orders are accepted. Please make payments out to The Sullivan Basketball Academy Inc.